Die Forschungsfrage ist fest

documentary, 30 min., 2017
Die Forschungsfrage ist fest (The research question is set) gives an insight into the work of perception researchers at the Max-Planck-Institute for Biological Cybernetics. Surrounded with avatars, virtual realities and game laboratories, the scientists are searching for mechanisms of spatial orientation and social behaviour. The film accompanies three research groups in their everyday work and observes how they set up experiments and generate scientific data, whilst a fictional avatar recites text fragments from scientific papers. Die Forschungsfrage ist fest meditates on the relation between researchers, technologies and the production of scientific realities.

Editing: Nico Argast, Laura Engelhardt
Animation: Lina Fleer, Marvin Podsendek, Julia Sobek
Voice: Fiona Braun
Sounddesign: Oliver Arendt